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OAKFIELD TANGO Morris Langham & Joan Shields 86 *
OCEAN WALTZ Kevin & Denise Jones 99
OCEANA FOXTROT John & Maureen Dack
OCTOBER WALTZ David & Rita Harrod
OF THE VALLEY, WALTZ Bill & Maude Stevenson 69
OF VIENNA, WALTZ Jeff & Muriel Aldren 94 **
OLIVER’S CHA-CHA-CHA Edwin Vickers & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
OLIVIA’S WALTZ Barry Earnshaw & Beverley Murch-Fowkes
OLYMPIC QUICKSTEP Lewis & Joan Wilson 68 *
OMEGA WALTZ David Howker & Elizabeth Atkinson 90 **
ONE, RUMBA Peter Varley 71 **
ON LEAVE FOXTROT Mary Cheshire 17
OPAL WALTZ Alf & Kitty Moore 68
OPHELIA FOXTROT Sequenceblogger 14 **
ORIANA WALTZ John & Maureen Dack 95
ORIENTAL CHA-CHA-CHA Barry & Julie Earnshaw 87 **
ORLANDO CHA-CHA-CHA Sid & Shirley Robson 89
ORLANDO, TANGO Andrew Pigg & Caroline Roberts 95
ORPHEO CHA-CHA-CHA Jackie Sanderson 88 *
OXBURY SAUNTER David Howker & Michelle Webster 93 *
OZETTE, WALTZ Derek Tonks & Beryl Bates 70 **