Welcome to our Monthly Dance Feature. Here, we release some of our favourite dances from the archives, free-to-view, on a roughly monthly basis. From April 2020 we’re changing the way we’re making the scripts available. We’re no longer providing links direct from this Page – instead you’ll need to set up a free Dropbox account and E mail us at to request access to the Feature Dances. We’ll then send you an invitation to access our Shared Folder at Dropbox (a folder containing all free Samples and currently available Feature dances) and grant access for one year. You can then access the scripts and make permanent copies as well as being given a permanent copy to keep at the end (this is equivalent to the free trial now being offered elsewhere on this site). We’re doing this as we’ve now switched to using Dropbox for our Library subscriptions and we’d like to encourage people to explore the Dropbox environment as we feel sure you’ll like it.  There are some links available in the Members Area widget to help get you started.

August 2020: I have just watched the BDC On-line Inventive. Not much caught my eye. The judging seemed quite wide of the mark in my opinion. By far the best dance of the day (in my opinion) was the following. This stood out like a sore thumb, perhaps not surprisingly as the inventor of this dance was the only entrant from the truly golden years. Far better than the winner (in my opinion). In fact I thought the winner was the worst dance of the day and was so perplexed by the result that I wondered if perhaps the judges had purposely picked it to give the impression that they weren’t in any way elitist or self-serving, but surely not. But anyway, here is my choice, scripted straight off the back of the YouTube video shown today:

WALTZ MARKOVA David Bullen, 2020 (although there is something similar in my collection already from 30 years ago !).

July 2020:

HONEYSUCKLE JIVE Peter Varley, 1981: With the BDC Online Inventive eagerly awaited, I thought I’d go back in time to the 1981 winner of the same comp. Quite distinct from today’s offerings in that rather than being a long sequence of short figures there are a smaller number of longer groups, which has the effect of giving the routine more individuality. There are also some unusual groups – Change of Hands Behind the Back broken up with Flicks, Sway Point Walks & Locks on Same Foot, Open Throwaways and Argentine Crosses. The picture in the first widget shows Peter with partner Jill Bush demonstrating this routine for the Ballroom Dancing Times.

June 2020:

LIFETIME WALTZ Annette Sheridan, 1981: UKA Modern winner, danced to Tony Evans & his Orchestra, Song of my Life.

May 2020:

DAFFODIL GAVOTTE Jeff & Muriel Aldren, 1979: This won at the North of Britain in the Floral Hall, Southport. On the day the Floral Hall has gone into liquidation, I thought this would be a much needed reminder of happier times.

PEPSI SAMBA Yvonne Stanley & Maurice Tait, 1984: Winner at the Allied, in their pre-on-line days, and a superb arrangement that draws of sharp distinction from what is on offer from today’s inventors.

FOXTROT FINESSE Darren Badder & Hilary Biggs, 1997: Another of their non-winners. Plus we have a demonstration video from Darren & Hilary available here.

Late April 2020 I thought that with very little dancing taking place in public currently, it would be nice to find a routine that can be enjoyed at home with very little space available. We have the perfect foil below, a Rumba with very minimal movement down the room, from Carl Alan Award Winner and general Allied legend, Margaret Redmond:

RUMBA MARGUERITE Margaret Redmond, 1980

April 2020 With no new dances on the agenda, I thought these might be appreciated:

TORSION TANGO Darren Badder & Hilary Biggs, 1996: Never previously released. There is a demo video by the inventors here.

WALTZ LEHAR Jeff & Muriel Aldren, 1981

SUNRIDGE JIVE Ted & Sue Burroughs, 1985

March 2020:

CORONA QUICKSTEP Darren Badder & Hilary Biggs, 1996: Not previously released. Plus there is a video here. We’re hoping this will go viral.

RUMBA SERENADE Darren Badder & Hilary Biggs, 1996: Again, not previously released. Video here.

BENSON BLUES Sequenceblogger, 2020: Recommended music Clarence Henry, I Don’t Know Why I Love You.

February 2020:

METRO FOXTROT Ray & Dorothy Casey, 1980

BARBADOS CHA-CHA-CHA Ted & Sue Burroughs, 1981

January 2020 Seems like a while since the last Feature, so here’s another:

SOHO SWING Ken Park, 1976

RED RUMBA Ken Park, 1982

WALTZ BARCAROLLE Winn & Bob Oliver, 1976

I include the latter to make the point that despite the similarities in recent prizewinning Waltzes, there are other variations out there.

October 2019  WAIKIKI WALTZ Yvonne Stanley & Maurice Tait, 1982

February 2019 This month a couple more of my own arrangements from the bottom drawer:

HONEYSUCKLE BLUES Recommended music The Manhattan Transfer, Sunny Side of the Street


January 2019


November 2018 In the aftermath of the Ada Unsworth Memorial Inventive, I thought I’d put up something from the Slough Dance Festival, Dance News Inventive from yesteryear. So here it is:

SHARON SAUNTER Yvonne & Roger Corkery, 1978

Late October 2018 Just been looking at the Entries & Results from the Blackpool Inventive. Mostly predictable, but one surprise was seeing Marie Barber in the competion, along with son Eugene. I have heard that their Hip-Op Cha-Cha-Cha was a potential winner even though not in the final (if they would like to send in the script we’d be happy to publish it here). Marie won the Latin section at this competition 42 years ago in 1976, along with her late husband Jim, and this also went down rather well. Quite a signifcant win as one of the first sequence Samba’s using the Latin technique. So, next best thing, we thought we’d publish their 1976 winner for this Feature. Here it is:

SAMBA ELEGRE Jim & Marie Barber, 1976

October 2018 This month some suggestions for better alternatives to the new dances, plus something to remember Miss Beryl Bates one of our pioneer Modern Sequence inventors and former Butlins Inventive organiser, who sadly passed away last month:

CONROY TANGO Ted & Sue Burroughs, 1981: A bit like the latest Tango, but with a bit more finesse and better arranged. There’s better already out there for the taking, there really is.

INTERNATIONAL RUMBA Derek Tonks & Beryl Bates, 1977: A much needed simplicity of construction, in stark contrast to the latest Rumba. I’m sure that dances like this would have much more appeal to the sequence community and would be far more beneficial.

August 2018 I received an E mail from Yvonne Tait today telling me how pleased she was to see her & Maurice’s dances available in the Library. So I thought this month I’d use some of their dances for the Feature:

CLASSIC GAVOTTE Maurice Tait, 1961: The first Gavotte I ever learned and still danced today.

JIVE EASY Yvonne Stanley & Maurice Tait, 1977: This won at the Slough dance festival in 1977 on the day that Virginia Wade won Wimbledon. Last on the running list and receiving tumultuous applause from the crowd. This first time Chicken Walks were seen in Sequence.

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