We are planning to re-introduce the Monthly Dance Feature after a recent break. We will release one of our favourite dances from the archives, free-to-view, on a roughly monthly basis.

May 2018:


SIERRA SAMBA Yvonne & Roger Corkery, 1982

June 2018:

RUMBA CASANOVA Ken Park, 1975 – I’m not sure how this one got away as it was popular for quite a long time. A good example of how to choreograph a simple but attractive routine. Neatly arranged patterns, nothing OTT, but strikingly different from the groups we see time and time again today. Not so many figures that you can’t remember what comes next. And nothing un-natural (such as starting a routine in Fan position, ahem !). The sort of routine that could be danced on a crowded floor with little effort and still be enjoyed.