5th December 2018 Disruption of service due to ill-health: Please note that there will be some disruption of normal service for a short while commencing 17th December 2018 up until 4th January 2019 as I’m having surgery and hospital treatment over this period. You can still subscribe and order discs as normal over this period but I won’t necessarily be able to arrange delivery of the discs until after 4th January 2019.

23rd September 2018 Plans for closure of the site: The site will close shortly. I have purchased web space until 31st March 2020 when the site will be removed from the web. All current and future subscriptions will be honoured. We remain open for business as normal until 31st March 2018. Between 31st March 2019 and 31st March 2020 it will not be possible to purchase a standard annual subscription but it will be possible to purchase a DVD disc of the scripts with free online access until the site is removed in March 2020.

6th April 2018: Please note as of today our E mail address has changed to (the old gmx E mail address is no longer being monitored so please update your records).

6th April 2018: Just to summarise the recent changes to the site and it’s implications for users.

We are now using SSL encryption on all of our website connections. This is to protect any personal information that could otherwise be more easily intercepted when you are logging in, and becomes a legal requirement after 25th May. This means you will in the main no longer see security warning messages when you call up pages or log in. Some browsers identify the site as secure, but report on parts that aren’t secure that have been blocked (these “blocked” versions are nonetheless complete and fully functional, so you don’t need to unblock or disable anything to use the site).

To benefit fully, you should update the url address for the site when you call it up and also edit the site address in your Favourites List or Bookmarks. The new address is

You may need to clear your cache before the above changes take effect.

As a result of these security measures, old built in Android mobile browsers no longer work. The best solution is to use an alternative browser. My preferred browsers are Microsoft Edge for PC’s & laptops running Windows 10, and, for all other PC’s and laptops and all mobile browsers, Google Chrome is the best option (particularly for mobiles as the typeface is larger).

Links to the site from other sites may gives false security warnings as a result of their links not being updated (though the pages are still functional and secure however you access them).

I hope those that have been worried or put off by the warning messages and potential security issues in the past will now be reassured. A copy of our updated Privacy Policy is available here.

1st April 2018: There has been considerable outlay recently in order to upgrade and maintain the site, plus a recent increase in postage costs. We will therefore be making a small change to our Tarriff, with all orders increasing in price by £1.

1st April 2018: Last week a technical problem cropped up with the pages loading very slowly and sometimes timing out. This turned out to be due to the web hosting company (GoDaddy) overloading their shared servers. I have therefore transferred the site to a new hosting company with the result that the site is now back up & running again at full speed, in fact a bit faster than it’s ever been.

2017: The scripts are now accessed via Google Drive. You don’t need a Google account or need to be signed in to a Google account to access the scripts, and you can view and download etc from a range of browsers (you’re not limted to Google Chrome).