15th August 2020 As sequence dancing has effectively been put in abeyance by the covid pandemic we have decided as a gesture of goodwill and to do our bit for the greater good that we will extend all subscriptions for the time being. Our aim being to ensure that no-one loses out as a result of the covid-related restrictions. This means that anyone purchasing a subscription now will get access for the time the restrictions remain in place in addition to the one year they would normally get. Those whose subscriptions had expired during the period restrictions were in place will now have had their subscriptions re-activated and they will continue to be active until they have re-gained the time lost whilst the restrictions were in place. The exact length of the extension will of course depend on when the restrictions end and will vary from person to person depending on when they subscribed, but I will determine this in future based on the time the restrictions end in the UK (I’m guessing that this will roughly match events in Australia so that our Australian subscribers can benefit similarly without having to introduce a two-tier system as such). I hope that helps. Stay safe everyone !

15th July 2020 Just to make it clear that the Dropbox facility which we are now using to provide access to scripts is FREE and there are no hidden/additional/on-going charges after the usual initial payment to us. Dropbox do offer a premium paid-for service, and indeed that is the first option presented on their landing page, but you do not want or need that (as it is aimed at people wanting a very large storage capacity plus extra features and is not required to access our scripts). If you look further down the landing page, there is an option to continue with a Basic Dropbox account. The latter is more than sufficient for our purposes as it offers 5x the amount of storage needed for the scripts, is a completely free service, and this is the one you should go for. Furthermore, when setting up a Basic Dropbox account, no bank card details are required as the service is completely free (it’s only for the premium service that they ask for card details, but you don’t need that). I thought I ought to clarify the above since a new subscriber today had needed some reassurance there were no additional charges or privacy issues. The confusion arises because the premium service option is the first one you see and is displayed relatively prominently, but you just need the scroll further down the page to get to the free option that you want. And what makes it more confusing perhaps is that the premium service itself has a Free Trial, in which you would pay after a 14 day trial period if you wanted to keep that service – the Basic Dropbox account on the other hand really is free for life.

8th July 2020 Please be aware that subject to eligibility previous users of the Library can now continue to enjoy full access for £9.99 per year and not do not need to purchase the £39.99 package that is aimed at new users only. Further details are provided on the Access Page.

7th July 2020 Since re-launching in April the site has not been performing well at all – there has been only one new subscription since March 23rd. I’m hoping this is because of the lockdown and general cessation of sequence dancing rather than being an unfavourable reaction to the new site. I suspect the former as my Google Analytics tracking has revealed visitor numbers being much lower than normal. However, we will continue to monitor it going forward. I have paid for hosting up until 16th March 2021. If the situation doesn’t improve significantly by then the site will have to close at that time as there aren’t really any further options available now. My feeling is that the site will have closed by then and I may even switch it off much sooner than that. Current members will however continue to be able to access the scripts via their Dropbox accounts even when this site is no longer live – another advantage of keeping the scripts separate from the website (but you should bookmark the link to Dropbox if you don’t already have it).

One might hope that the period of lockdown will have been used as time to reflect on the way forward once restrictions are lifted and I would hope that this site will come to be seen as useful in that regard. Something tells me that one way or another the landscape of sequence dancing will be very different when the dust settles, if it survives at all, but I do hope you all manage to stay safe and keep dancing.

22nd June 2020 Just a note to draw your attention to and explain some recent changes to the site, most of which took place at around the beginning of April 2020. The site has a fresh, new look and is now mobile-responsive (this means when you view on a mobile device you get a view that is different to the normal desktop that is supposedly easier to read – if however you would still rather get the desktop view on your mobile devices, you can do so simply by adjusting the settings on your device). The underlying software and hardware settings have also been brought completely up to date for improved performance and security. The main functional change to the site is that we are now running the membership system entirely through Dropbox rather than from within the site itself. This offers both bulk downloads and access to individual scripts through the same platform and is by far superior to the old system. Users will need a Dropbox account (with space available to receive around 400 MB of data), but if you don’t have one you can set one up for free, and there are links provided for this on the site (on the Access Page or in the Members Area widget). The account can be set up before or after purchase. Although not essential, the service works even better if you have the Dropbox app, and, again, if you don’t already have it, this is free and there are links provided to enable you to install the app on your devices. More details and full start-up guides are also available from within this site. But essentially, the way it works is that having paid for membership, we send an E mail invite to access our shared folder at Dropbox where the scripts are now stored. By default we send the invite to the E mail address used for purchase, but there is provision on the purchase form to specify a different E mail address, plus you can always contact us after purchase to request your invitation be re-directed to an alternative address. There is also a Free Trial version of the system available (which includes the scripts from the Samples and Feature Pages). There is no longer any WordPress login to the site as it’s unnecessary now the site is entirely public (with the scripts being housed at Dropbox instead). To access the main site now, you just need the homepage url.

Apart from that, I’ve set up a guestbook-style discussion forum at Bravenet and re-named the YouTube Channel – there are links available on the site. The old Blog has had it’s content removed as it was fairly redundant and has now been turned into a back-up of the main site – I’m keeping it switched off until it’s needed, but the url is still available for bookmarking from within this site.

22nd February 2020 It has come to my attention that Dropbox will not work for Windows Xp or older Windows operating systems. This isn’t an issue as we can send the files by alternative file sharing systems (eg the We Transfer system). Just let us know if you are unable to use Dropbox and we will send the files using a suitable alternative.

31st December 2019 Just to let you know Discs are no longer available – Dropbox only (plus free on-line access) now.

9th May 2019 Owing to increasing trends away from discs and towards file-sharing services we will be withdrawing disc sales (Option 1) shortly. When all current stocks are gone (sometime over the next month or so) the disc option will be removed from the Access Page. The Dropbox option will continue to be available as the only option.

7th April 2019 We’ve now added a Dropbox option (on-line file sharing) an alernative to posting discs. Discs are becoming more and more obsolete (as I realised today when shopping for a new laptop and trying to find one with a DVD drive) and so figured that some people may appreciate an alternative. The Dropbox option is straightforward (see the Access Page for details) as well as being cheaper than discs. The less technically minded may still prefer discs, so I’ve kept that option open as well (for the time being).

31st March 2019 Because of the uncertain future of the site we are no longer offering standard annual subscriptions. See our Access Page for details of what’s now on offer (basically discs/free on-line access for lifetime of the site).

23rd March 2019 We are now offering a direct card payment option in addition to a PayPal account option. This was always intended to be the case but it seems that PayPal had at some point changed my settings so as to not present a direct card payment option – I have now changed the settings back ! If you wish to pay directly by card, just chose the Guest Check-Out/Pay by Card option. Please note however, that when paying directly by card, you will not be returned automatically to our website, although you can choose to return.

6th April 2018 Please note as of today our E mail address has changed to (the old gmx E mail address is no longer being monitored so please update your records).

6th April 2018 We are now using SSL encryption on all of our website connections. This is to protect any personal information that could otherwise be easily intercepted when you are logging in. This means you will in the main no longer see security warning messages when you call up pages or log in. I hope those that have been worried or put off by the warning messages and potential security issues in the past will now be reassured.

17th January 2017 The on-line scripts are now accessed via Google Drive (as the old system was a bit cumbersome from my end, and was starting to malfunction). With regards the new system, you don’t need a Google account nor do you need to be signed in to a Google account to access the scripts, and you can view and download etc. from a range of browsers (you’re not limted to Google Chrome).

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