31st December 2019: Just to let you know Discs are no longer available – Dropbox only (plus free on-line access) now.

9th May 2019: Owing to increasing trends away from discs and towards file-sharing services we will be withdrawing disc sales (Option 1) shortly. When all current stocks are gone (sometime over the next month or so) the disc option (Option 1) will be removed from the Access Page. The Dropbox option (Option 2) will continue to be available as the only option.

19th April 2019: As a goodwill gesture we’d like to offer free online access for the lifetime of the site to those who have either purchased a disc in the past, or have subscribed at least three times in the last four years. From now on, those who still have online access and meet either of the above criteria will have their accounts automatically extended. Others whose accounts have already been deleted under the original terms of purchase will just need to let us know if they would like continued access and we’ll be happy to set up a new account for free.

7th April 2019: We’ve now added a Dropbox option (on-line file sharing) an alernative to posting discs. Discs are becoming more and more obsolete (as I realised today when shopping for a new laptop and trying to find one with a DVD drive) and so figured that some people may appreciate an alternative. The Dropbox option is straightforward (see the Access Page for details) as well as being cheaper than discs. The less technically minded may still prefer discs, so I’ve kept that option open as well (for the time being).

31st March 2019: Please note that owing to the uncertain future of the site annual subscriptions are no longer available. We are now offering access to the scripts only via a disc purchase which comes with free online access guaranteed for the lifetime of the site. I have currently purchased web space until 31st March 2020 – I may keep the site on-line beyond that time subject to financial viability, but this depends on the level of interest in the site going forward. Those purchasing the disc after 31st March 2019 will be guaranteed access until at least 31st March 2020 and will be granted free access beyond that time for as long as the site remains on-line. Owing to recent increases in costs, particularly hosting costs, but also postage, stationery etc., we’re increasing the price of the disc purchase to £44.99 as of today.

24th March 2019: I’ve been transferring the site between servers over the weekend. Sometimes website migrations affect the functionality of the site – on this occasion everything seems fine, but if you do notice any issues, please let us know. There were some potential registration/access problems for a couple of new subscribers who happened to subscribe midway through the transfer. I have sorted things out for those subscribers now (I’ve registered them myself on the current version of the site, and new log in details have been e mailed out to them which will supercede any log in details they may have registered with themselves), but, again, any problems, just let me know.

23rd March 2019: We are now offering a direct card payment option in addition to a PayPal account option. This was always intended to be the case but it seems that PayPal had at some point changed my settings so as to not present a direct card payment option – I have now changed the settings back ! If you wish to pay directly by card, just chose the Guest Check-Out/Pay by Card option. Please note however, that when paying directly by card, you will not be returned automatically to our website, although you can choose to return. If you don’t opt to return to our website at this point, you won’t be able to complete our registration form (in this event we will still register you manually but this may result in a short delay to your accessing the scripts).

6th April 2018: Please note as of today our E mail address has changed to (the old gmx E mail address is no longer being monitored so please update your records).

6th April 2018: We are now using SSL encryption on all of our website connections. This is to protect any personal information that could otherwise be more easily intercepted when you are logging in, and becomes a legal requirement after 25th May. This means you will in the main no longer see security warning messages when you call up pages or log in.

I hope those that have been worried or put off by the warning messages and potential security issues in the past will now be reassured. A copy of our updated Privacy Policy is available here.

1st April 2018: There has been considerable outlay recently in order to upgrade and maintain the site, plus a recent increase in postage costs. We will therefore be making a small change to our Tarriff, with all orders increasing in price by £1.

1st April 2018: Last week a technical problem cropped up with the pages loading very slowly and sometimes timing out. This turned out to be due to the web hosting company (GoDaddy) overloading their shared servers. I have therefore transferred the site to a new hosting company with the result that the site is now back up & running again at full speed, in fact a bit faster than it’s ever been.

2017: The scripts are now accessed via Google Drive (as the old system was a bit cumbersome from my end, and was starting to malfunction). With regards the new system, you don’t need a Google account nor do you need to be signed in to a Google account to access the scripts, and you can view and download etc from a range of browsers (you’re not limted to Google Chrome).