2nd April 2020: I have now switched to another even newer theme (web template) as this seems the best way to ensure the site remains supported and secure for longer. I’m not a great admirer of the newer templates but finally found one I could live with, and it certainly gives the site a fresh new look too. This means that our sister site (see post below) is now being put to use essentially as a back up. It is more or less a clone of the main site. However, the other site does offer the option of a mobile-specific theme which this site doesn’t have, and for that reason you may prefer it. Having said that both sites are mobile-responsive anyway and the difference is marginal, but perhaps worth exploring. As with all newish templates there is a bit of a trade off between a display that works well on both PC’s and mobiles, but I think the themes I’ve chosen give the best compromise available overall. If anything the PC text size is a bit small for my liking, but still okay, and you can always zoom up, and both the mobile views are certainly much better than they were before. If you’re on a mobile device on the sister site you should be automatically switched to the mobile-specific theme, but you can in any case switch between them using a control in the Footer. We hope you enjoy the new sites.

28th March 2020: We have now set up a mirror site, the idea being to use this for developmental purposes as we prepare to update further in future years – it is in a useable state currently and you may prefer to use it as an alternative to this site (it’s basically a copy of this one but arranged differently using a newer web template and with supposedly better mobile responsivity). I personally prefer the older version here on this site, but it’s an individual choice I guess. We will no doubt be forced to switch eventually, as the current will become unsupported at some point, but not for a good while yet.

28th March 2020: I’ve now updated to WordPress 5.3.2, changed the WordPress theme (template) to one currently supported and switched to PHP version 7.4. This means that the site has a slightly different appearance (better I think) and more importantly will be faster, more secure and more robust. I’ve also made some slight changes to the content to reflect the new file-sharing arrangements and the closure of the membership suite. Better all round I think. Hope you like it.

24th March 2020: From today, access to the scripts is via Dropbox purchase only, and the files can no longer be accessed on-line through the site (apart from the free Samples) – the whole membership system having now been abandoned. Having found some reasonably priced hosting and migrating the site during the last week in an effort to keep the site going, my new hosting account was temporarily suspended yesterday due to out of date software, mainly the membership site plug in. I’ve now had to abandon the latter plug in as a condition of getting the account re-instated, and the site is now up and running again. There are some further aspects that still require my attention, and I’m working on it. I hope the site does not go down in the meantime as a result of this, and I think it should be okay at least for the time being – but if it does go down it could result in some more downtime. In view of this, can I suggest that if you want access to scripts you should purchase access sooner rather than later whilst the site is still live. Nevertheless, I am no longer planning to take down the site and have paid for hosting for the next year, but am just having to run it in a modified form and to keep a bit more of a hand in on the maintenance. From a security, stability and speed point of view it’s now in a much better state than it was two days ago even though it doesn’t look much different from the front-end. From an end-user perspective, I hope people will not miss the on-line access too much. I personally feel that bulk file sharing is probably the way to go now anyway, much less cumbersome all round I think. For those who did like the aspect of on-line access direct from the site, can I suggest just uploading the files to cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive once you have them. And actually the whole library is only a few hundred Mb, so you could easily store all of the scripts on your phone/tablet anyway (probably) !  

22nd February 2020: It has come to my attention that Dropbox will not work for Windows Xp or older Windows operating systems. This isn’t an issue as we can send the files by alternative file sharing systems (eg the We Transfer system). Just let us know if you are unable to use Dropbox and we will send the files using a suitable alternative.

31st December 2019: Just to let you know Discs are no longer available – Dropbox only (plus free on-line access) now.

9th May 2019: Owing to increasing trends away from discs and towards file-sharing services we will be withdrawing disc sales (Option 1) shortly. When all current stocks are gone (sometime over the next month or so) the disc option will be removed from the Access Page. The Dropbox option will continue to be available as the only option.

7th April 2019: We’ve now added a Dropbox option (on-line file sharing) an alernative to posting discs. Discs are becoming more and more obsolete (as I realised today when shopping for a new laptop and trying to find one with a DVD drive) and so figured that some people may appreciate an alternative. The Dropbox option is straightforward (see the Access Page for details) as well as being cheaper than discs. The less technically minded may still prefer discs, so I’ve kept that option open as well (for the time being).

31st March 2019: Because of the uncertain future of the site we are no longer offering standard annual subscriptions. See our Access Page for details of what’s now on offer (basically discs/free on-line access for lifetime of the site).

23rd March 2019: We are now offering a direct card payment option in addition to a PayPal account option. This was always intended to be the case but it seems that PayPal had at some point changed my settings so as to not present a direct card payment option – I have now changed the settings back ! If you wish to pay directly by card, just chose the Guest Check-Out/Pay by Card option. Please note however, that when paying directly by card, you will not be returned automatically to our website, although you can choose to return.

6th April 2018: Please note as of today our E mail address has changed to (the old gmx E mail address is no longer being monitored so please update your records).

6th April 2018: We are now using SSL encryption on all of our website connections. This is to protect any personal information that could otherwise be easily intercepted when you are logging in. This means you will in the main no longer see security warning messages when you call up pages or log in. I hope those that have been worried or put off by the warning messages and potential security issues in the past will now be reassured.

17th January 2017: The online scripts are now accessed via Google Drive (as the old system was a bit cumbersome from my end, and was starting to malfunction). With regards the new system, you don’t need a Google account nor do you need to be signed in to a Google account to access the scripts, and you can view and download etc from a range of browsers (you’re not limted to Google Chrome).