The following options are available for access to the Script Library (involving a secure on-line payment process, which is quick and easy to use). Further information including Terms & Conditions is provided below * (we advise you to read this before purchasing/registering):

OPTION 1: A subscription for on-line access. Cost = £14.99. This gives instant on-line access which is granted for one year. To purchase, click the Buy Now Button below:

The Script Library has around 2000 scripts in all – what’s there is what’s in the listings on the Library Pages. The scripts are provided as pdf files, which can be viewed on-line and/or downloaded onto your hard drive or mobile devices for viewing off-line and printing. Incredible value for money – works out at less than 1 pence per script. You can purchase this subscription at any time which then provides access for one year. This is a one-off payment with no automatic renewal and no recurring payments.

OPTION 2: A hard copy of the Script Library scripts on disc (with a FREE subscription for on-line access). Cost = £39.99, inclusive of packing & postage worldwide. To purchase this package, click the Buy Now Button below:

The disc contains all of the scripts in the Script Library and are again provided as pdf files which can be copied in bulk onto hard drives and other devices, and printed. This avoids the need to download individual files which can be time consuming. The free on-line access is provided for one year – as well as being useful in itself, this provides instant access whilst waiting for your disc. This is a one-off payment with no automatic renewal and no recurring payments.

I have purchased web space until 31st March 2020 when the site will be removed from the web. All current and future subscriptions will be honoured. We remain open for business as normal until 31st March 2019 – ie both options 1 and 2 remain available until this date. Between 31st March 2019 and 31st March 2020 it will not be possible to purchase a standard annual subscription but it will be possible to purchase a DVD disc of the scripts with free online access until the site is removed in March 2020 – ie only option 2 will be available.

*Additional Information, FAQ’s and Terms & Conditions etc:

Purchases are to be made via our on-line check-out which is secure, takes less than 5 minutes to use, and gives clear on-screen instructions as you go along. All major credit and debit cards are accepted. You can pay wherever in the world you are – the currency conversion is done automatically (but if you would like to calculate the costs in your local currency, you can use this currency converter). You have the option of using a PayPal account to make your purchase, but this is not required as you can also pay directly through your credit/debit card (by choosing the Guest Check-Out Option). If you don’t have a PayPal account, it is easy to set one up during your purchase by following the on-screen instructions. It is not possible to make a purchase by cash or cheque.

Note added March 2019: It has come to my attention that potential subscribers have for a time been unable to pay for a subscription directly by card as opposed to through a PayPal account – PayPal had changed the settings on my account without telling me. I’ve now changed the settings back so as to allow direct card payment once again. Since I made this change, I’ve noticed a huge increase in uptake with direct card payments now proving the preferred option. I’m not sure at what point PayPal made the change, but if anyone has wanted to subscribe but were put off by the need to create/use a PayPal account, they can be assured that they can now pay directly once again.

To make a purchase, simply click on the appropriate Buy Now Button. You will thus be directed to an on-line purchase form, and then to a registration form. Purchases are acknowledged immediately by a E mail from PayPal (which can be used as a receipt). Disc purchases require a postal address to be supplied on the purchase form. Upon completion of the registration form you will be automatically logged in to the site (new subscribers will be directed to our Welcome Page).

Please note that the registration form requires you to select a username, password, AND an E mail address (omitting any of these from the required fields or not submitting the form at all will prevent automated registration – we do still process your order and set up/update your account manually in this event, but there may be a short delay in getting on-line access). For security reasons we advise that you don’t use a username/password combination that you use on other sites.

Registration Options: There are two registration options presented, one for “new members” (that is those who don’t currently have an active subscription including those with lapsed subscriptions), and one for “current members” (those who currently have an active subscription and who wish to renew or upgrade). If you don’t select the correct registration option, the automated registration process may be blocked – we do still process your order and set up/update your account manually in this event, but there may be a short delay in getting on-line access.

Renewals: Subscriptions are cancelled automatically at midnight on the day prior to the expiry date. Renewals are not automatic and should be carried out simply by making a new purchase as before using the Buy Now Buttons, and then re-registering as before, using the appropriate registration option (see above). Reminders are not sent out.

If you are unsure of the status of your subscription then please contact us by E mail at

After registration, “new members” will be sent an automated E mail from us confirming your log in details and will be automatically logged in and directed to our Welcome Page. For “current members” renewing or upgrading, there is no automated E mail from us – you simply get an on-screen message saying you are already registered, but we will be aware of this and will update your account so that your subscription is automatically extended – and you can then continue to access the Library using your current username and password, as before – and any disc orders are also processed automatically.

Discs are despatched for postage within 1 week of purchase and sent by second class post within the UK and by Air Mail oversees. Please therefore allow 2 – 3 working days for postage within the UK and 1 – 2 weeks elsewhere (allow longer at Christmas time when post is frequently delayed). We advise that you make a copy of the disc upon receipt.

Refunds may be issued at our discretion (but note there is now an admin fee of £0.20 for all refunds that is retained by PayPal).

If you forget/lose your username and/or password, please use the lost password facility on the right of the webpage. If that fails, E mail us and we will restore your access. We can’t tell you what your current password is (as it’s encrypted in our database for security reasons), but we can give you a new one. Passwords can be changed at any time by accessing your personal settings (link in the top right hand corner under the log in field). We would advise you to keep a record of your log in details somewhere safe (eg by keeping the initial E mail message from us).

The Script Library contains all official UK prize-winning dances from 1980 to 2007, most of the prize-winners from the seventies and most of the significant dances from before that, plus a selection of non-prize-winners and unofficial dances, some never previously released. This gives a comprehensive archive of the so called “golden years” of sequence dancing, plus a lot more. It covers most of the popular sequence dances enjoyed by social dancers across the world, including some very old dances, plus most dances of interest to current medallists and competitors. There are around 2000 scripts in total. This encompasses all genres ie Classical, Modern & Latin sequences. Indeed, we have the largest electronic on-line archive in the world and offer the best value for money available in purchasing scripts. The Script Library does not contain video demonstrations, just scripts. The scripts available both on-line and on disc are those listed on the Library/Latest Pages.

The Library Pages/Latest should be consulted to determine the availability of particular scripts that you may require (what’s listed there is what’s available). Those who purchase and then claim to have not realised that scripts of unlisted dances are not available will not be provided with a refund.

If you have any requests for scripts for particular dances not already in the Library, we will endeavour to include them in the future, subject to availability (having said that, virtually everything of any significance is already there – and please note we will not publish very recent dances).

We do not supply individual scripts or send scripts in paper form through the post.

Our electronic scripts are intended for personal use only and are copyright items that must not be shared or disseminated in any way – action will be taken for any infringement of rights.

It is highly recommended that you don’t share your username/password with any third party as it may affect your own access (the number of IP addresses that can access the site on any given username is limited to four per day).

We reserve the right to take the site offline temporarily for essential maintenance and upgrades etc. (however, in the 8 years it has been running there has been less than 7 days of downtime). Should the downtime exceed 7 days we will extend your subscription accordingly.

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You can read our Privacy Policy here. We advise you to read this before purchasing/registering. The registration form requests your consent to our use of personal information as outlined in this Privacy Policy.

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