Lifetime access to the Library Scripts is available for £39.99. To purchase, click the Buy Now Button below and follow the on-screen instructions:

Payment is via a secure on-line payment process, which is quick and easy to use. This is a one-off payment with no recurring payments or auto-renewals.

The scripts will be made available via the popular file-sharing facility Dropbox. An invitation link to access the scripts at our shared folder at will be sent to your E mail address within 24 hours of purchase (generally within 2 hours). We also E mail out some helpful guidance and instructions. You will need a Dropbox account to use this facility, but this is free and easily set up (you can do this before or after purchase and there are links provided). Once you are set up and logged in, you can access the scripts directly from your Dropbox account and you can download the scripts either in bulk in one click or individually over time. The scripts are provided as pdf files, which can be viewed off-line and printed from your PC or mobile devices.

The Library has over 2000 scripts in all, and the number is growing continuously – what’s included is as per the Dance List Pages on this site. All of the scripts listed are available via Dropbox. You can stay up to date simply by returning to Dropbox – any new additions can then be selected from the shared folder and downloaded (those with the Dropbox app will get auto-updates straight to their device).

Access to the shared folder is provided for one year. However you will retain a permanent copy of the folder at the end of your subscription so that you can continue to access the scripts available at that time with no time limits applied. You’ll automatically get one year’s worth of updates with your first Dropbox purchase.

Renewals If you’d like to renew your subscription you can do so for a cost of £9.99 which will provide continuing access to the whole of the library with ongoing updates for another year  – just E mail us at quoting the E mail address from which you made your original purchase and we will arrange this for you. This option is available to anyone who has purchased a Dropbox package in the past as well as those who have previously purchased a DVD disc from us, and regular subscribers under the old system pre-April 2020 are also eligible. We believe this combination offers a fairer pricing structure for all of our users.

Please note that there is no longer any on-line access to the library scripts from within this site itself and the scripts are now being made available solely via our membership system at Dropbox. Read more about the reasoning for this here. Moreover, we believe this system offers the best of both worlds, with the bulk access of Dropbox, combined with the library-style access of the old membership system, with the added attraction of better navigation and auto-updates straight to your device.

Free Trial If you’d like to try out the system before you buy, E mail us and we will arrange a trial using an appropriate number of free samples (from our Samples and Dance Feature Pages), one year’s access, no obligation.

To find out more about Dropbox, see below *, click here to go to their website, plus there is a general information sheet here, and a specific guide for our own users here. To set up a Dropbox account click here.

Additional Information, FAQ’s, T&C’s etc:

We use an on-line check-out which is secure, takes less than 5 minutes to use, and gives clear on-screen instructions as you go along. You can pay wherever in the world you are – the currency conversion is done automatically (but if you would like to calculate the costs in your local currency, you can use this currency converter).

After clicking on the Buy Now button, you will be directed to an on-line purchase form – purchases are acknowledged immediately by automated E mail (which can be used as a receipt).

Payment Options You can pay either by using a PayPal account or directly using your credit/debit card (to pay directly by card, choose the Guest Check-Out/Pay by Card option). All major credit and debit cards are accepted. If you don’t have a PayPal account but would like to pay by this method, it is easy to set one up during your purchase, just follow the on-screen instructions. It is not possible to make a purchase by cash or cheque.

Dropbox* It is better to set up a Dropbox acount in advance of purchase. You need to have at least 400 MB capacity in your Dropbox to accommodate the shared folder (new Dropbox accounts come with 2,200 MB). If you wish to use a Dropbox account with an E mail address that differs from your purchase E mail address, please specify on the purchase form (you can E mail us at any time if you’d like to use a different Dropbox E mail address – please state both your purchase E mail address and your preferred Dropbox E mail address). You do not need to have the Dropbox app installed on your device although there are some advantages if you do (eg auto-updates and ease of browsing). The app is free and easily installed from (but most users will have it on their devices already). Reminders are not sent out at the end of your subscription. Those purchasing a renewal package will be given access to our shared folder on the same terms as above with all scripts listed on the Dance List Pages included and will have access to updates for one year from the purchase of the renewal package. Again, there are no recurring payments or auto-renewals, and no reminders. The renewal package is available to anyone who has purchased a Dropbox package or DVD disc from us in the past, and is also available to those who purchased a standard subscription under the old system at least three times during the four years preceding – please E mail us if you are unsure about your eligibility. Dropbox will not work for Windows Xp or older Windows operating systems – in this case we can send out the files by bulk E mail using We Transfer, although it will not be possible to provide updates thereafter – just E mail us in advance if you need this alternative.

The Script Library contains all official UK prize-winning dances from 1980 to 2009, most of the prize-winners from the seventies and most of the significant dances from before that, plus a good selection of non-prize-winners and unofficial dances, some never previously released. This gives a comprehensive archive of the so called “golden years” of sequence dancing, plus a lot more. It covers most of the popular sequence dances enjoyed by social dancers across the world, including some very old dances, plus most dances of interest to current medallists and competitors. There are around 2000 scripts in total. This encompasses all genres ie Classical, Modern & Latin sequences. We have the largest electronic on-line archive in the world and offer the best value for money available in purchasing scripts. 

The Dance List Pages on this site should be consulted to determine the availability of particular scripts that you may require. Those who purchase and then claim to have not realised that scripts of unlisted dances are not available will not be provided with a refund.

Future additions to the library are planned. New additions will be highlighted on our Update Page. If you have any requests for scripts for particular dances not already in the Library, we will endeavour to provide them/include them in the future, subject to availability (having said that, virtually everything of any significance is already there – and please note we will not publish very recent dances).

We do not supply individual scripts or send scripts in paper form or on discs through the post.

Refunds are at our discretion (but note there is now an admin fee that is retained by PayPal – the admin fee depends on your location but is typically around 5%).

Our electronic scripts are intended for personal use only and are copyright items that must not be shared or disseminated in any way – action will be taken for any infringement of rights.

We reserve the right to take the site off-line temporarily for essential maintenance and upgrades etc. (however, in the 8 years it has been running there has been less than 7 days of downtime).

Once your purchase is complete you will not receive any unsolicited E mails from us for marketing purposes. You can stay up to date on operational matters by reading our News Page and/or our Facebook Page.

Any Questions ? If you have any problems with purchasing or any technical issues, you can contact us direct by E mail at

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