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QIN’AIDE CHA-CHA-CHA Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
QUALITY QUICKSTEP Ted & Sue Burroughs 92 **
QUANDO CHA-CHA-CHA Kevin Page & Valerie Laws 99  
QUANDO QUICKSTEP Christine Hodgkinson 79 **
QUANTUM QUICKSTEP steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
QUATRO QUICKSTEP Graham Crookes & Doreen Wareing 91  
QUEEN MUM WALTZ Don & June Millington  
QUEEN OF HEARTS RUMBA Audrey Bromage 97  
QUEENSWAY QUICKSTEP Ted & Sue Burroughs 82 **
QUEENSBURY QUICKSTEP Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn
QUEENSWAY SAUNTER Ted & Sue Burroughs 82 **
QUESLETT QUICKSTEP Mark Paton & Jacquie Davis 92 **
QUINCEY QUICKSTEP Derek & Karen Brough 78 **
QUINTON QUICKSTEP Roger & Yvonne Corkery
QUINTONIAN QUICKSTEP Neil & Lesley Marshall 97 *
QUIXOTE QUICKSTEP Neil & Lesley Marshall 99  
QUIZAS ?, RUMBA Darren Park & Andrea Kilgour 95