Please follow the links in blue for samples of our scripts. These scripts can be viewed online, downloaded as pdf files, saved to disc, viewed off-line, and printed etc. Note that you will need a pdf reader such as Adobe Reader for viewing off-line, which you can download by clicking here if needed.

BAMBI BLUES David Rollinson & Barbara Heathcote 62
ADELE, SAUNTER Michael & Ann Morris 84
EIVONNA QUICKSTEP Eileen Crompton 74
SUHALI, TANGO Joan Wilson 70
RHYTHM JIVE Lewis & Joan Wilson 76
BURGUNDY TANGO Jeff & Muriel Aldren 82
SALLY ANN CHA-CHA-CHA Ken & Barbara Street 73
ALJULAY FOXTROT Annette Sheridan 80
FAIRVIEW SAUNTER Ted & Sue Burroughs 82
DEL SOL, PASO Roger Corkery 80
SINDY SWING Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood 84
CAVATINA, WALTZ Ken & Barbara Street 80
DUET, RUMBA Yvonne Stanley & Maurice Tait 80
LLADRO GAVOTTE Jeff & Muriel Aldren 92
MAXINA, THE Madame Low Hurndall 17
RAYEN WALTZ Ray & Helen Wilson 79
JUPITER JIVE Peter Varley 73

An information sheet offering general guidance on reading scripts is available here. For a list of abbreviations used in the scripts, click here.

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