The library has a single Page for each dance, each accessible via tables in A-Z format from our Library Pages – these should be consulted to check for the availability of particular dances (there is also a search function on the right). The scripts can be viewed online downloaded as pdf files, saved to disc, viewed off-line, and printed etc. Note that you will need a pdf reader such as Adobe Reader for viewing off-line, which you can download by clicking here (although most devices now have pdf readers built into their browsers, such as Microsoft Edge). To illustrate our format, some samples are provided in the Table below – just follow the links shown in blue. 

BAMBI BLUES David Rollinson & Barbara Heathcote 62 **
ADELE, SAUNTER Michael & Ann Morris 84 *
EIVONNA QUICKSTEP Eileen Crompton 74 **
SUHALI, TANGO Joan Wilson 70 **
RHYTHM JIVE Lewis & Joan Wilson 76 **
BURGUNDY TANGO Jeff & Muriel Aldren 82 **
SALLY ANN CHA-CHA-CHA Ken & Barbara Street 73 **
ALJULAY FOXTROT Annette Sheridan 80 **
PREMIER TWO STEP Committee 59 **
FAIRVIEW SAUNTER Ted & Sue Burroughs 82 **
DEL SOL, PASO Roger Corkery 80 **
SINDY SWING Patricia Jay & Gary Fleetwood 84 **
CAVATINA, WALTZ Ken & Barbara Street 80 **
DUET, RUMBA Yvonne Stanley & Maurice Tait 80 **
LLADRO GAVOTTE Jeff & Muriel Aldren 92 **
MAXINA, THE Madame Low Hurndall 17 **
RAYEN WALTZ Ray & Helen Wilson 79 **
JUPITER JIVE Peter Varley 73 **

An information sheet offering general guidance on reading scripts is available here. For a list of abbreviations used in the scripts, click here.

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