March 2017: I’ve now decided that the Library will close at the end of the current hosting period on December 20th 2017. Unfortunately library subscriptions have fallen off rapidly in the last few months and consequently it is no longer viable. I announce closure every year I know, but this year I really do have to close. Very sad as it will mean that affordable access to accurate scripts for a comprehensive range of dances will be no more.

Those who have joined since the relaunch in late November 2016 will have access until one year from their subscription date or until 20th December 2017 whichever is the earlier. Those who joined prior to that will have access for one year (if they paid £16.99 or more) or 6 months (if they paid £8.49) from their subscription date.

We remain open for purchases until 20th December 2017 (as detailed on our Access Page).

Feb 2017: I’ve now closed the old Blog as it was largely redundant now I’ve changed the filing system, with nothing on there that can’t now be done through this site instead.

Jan 2017: I’ve now switched to a new filing system, mainly for ease of file management on the admin side, but it also means that the files can now be pre-viewed within your browser without the need to download first (you can of course still download the files as before).

Dec 2016: We have now secured affordable hosting plans and maintenance arrangements for the next couple of years, and so contrary to previous plans the site will remain online and we remain open for subscriptions for the next while. We are currently using a rolling system where you can purchase a subscription at any time which then provides access for 1 year. See our Access Page for further details.