Feb 20th 2017: We have recently reviewed our current sales profile and realised that most of our current subscriptions represent one off purchases rather than regular subscriptions. In the light of this, we have decided to adjust our tarriff as follows. The cost of an initial subscription and the disc option will both go up by £5 (to £19.99 and £44 respectively. However, to encourage renewals we are offering subscriptions to current and past subscribers (however much lapsed) at a reduced rate of £9.99. If any of our current and past subscribers wish to make such a purchase, please contact us by E mail at giving your name and membership details and we will send you a PayPal link.

Jan 5th 2017: Having previously decided to shut up shop, I’ve now been talked in to continuing with the trial period again, as below. So, onwards we go.

Dec 2017: Based on the current level of interest in the site (falling again) I suspect that the site will close at sometime in the near future. Normally when I see interest falling to the current level, I announce a planned closing date to give me the option of closing on that date and switch to a pro rata payment system. I’m not going to do that this time as it’s tedious to implement the pro rata system, and it often produces a surge of subscriptions when the purchase price becomes very low (which makes decision-making difficult because I then can’t distinguish between a sustainable level of interest and people waiting until the price becomes unsustainably low). So I’m going to continue with the rolling system as is currently in use. However, depending on the rate of uptake, I may decide without notice to stop taking new subscriptions. In this event, those who have subscribed prior to that will still get their full year’s subscription (and I will purchase more hosting time as required to honour this). We remain open for business as normal at the moment, but the next while will be very much a trial period on which the longer-term future of the site will depend. The key date is the date the hosting is due for renewal on 20th December 2018.

Nov 2017: We have now secured affordable hosting and maintenance arrangements for the next couple of years, and so contrary to previous plans the site will remain online and we remain open for subscriptions. We are currently using a rolling system where you can purchase a subscription at any time which then provides access for 1 year. Discs are now on offer again. See our Access Page for further details.

Feb 2017: I’ve now closed the old Blog as it was largely redundant now I’ve changed the filing system, with nothing on there that can’t now be done through this site instead.

Jan 2017: I’ve now switched to a new filing system, mainly for ease of file management on the admin side, but it also means that the files can now be pre-viewed within your browser without the need to download first (you can of course still download the files as before).