Freeview Scripts

There are now some free-to-view scripts available on another site on the web. The latter site has risen in rankings in Google searches over the last year and in parallel with this subscriptions to our own Library have fallen to a near-zero level. Consequently, we have made the decision to close the Library when the current hosting contract expires on 20th December 2017.

This is very sad both for me personally having invested a great deal of time in making our Library available (and I mean a great deal) and getting some satisfaction from making rare scripts from the better years of SD available at an affordable price. It is also sad for sequence dancing in general. Our own scripts are exactly as per the original inventor’s scripts, just converted to an electronic form. The free scripts on the other hand are the files from the former Christchurch NZ Script Library. I am well informed enough to know that the later Christchurch scripts (2001 – 2006) were rewritten from BBL HOP scripts in a paraphrased fashion in an attempt to avoid claims of copyright infringement and which has resulted in significant mis-representation in places at least in detail. Even worse, the earlier scripts (anything from prior to 2001) were written up from observation of the dances as performed locally in NZ and obviously without direct recourse to an actual script – these are at best inaccurate and in many cases completely wrong.

To give some examples of scripts that are completely wrong, have a look at the following:





Both of these examples involve relatively well known dances so make the point about the validity of these scripts more readily, but there are many other examples too numerous to mention. For anyone needing some help from video footage to better assess this situation, the following is a video for BAMBI BLUES as performed correctly. I couldn’t find a correct video version of SAUNTER ADELE but did manage to dig out several incorrect versions obviously performed by people who have used the free scripts (I won’t embarrass them putting up the links).

Apart from the inaccuracy, the collection is not comprehensive, with many significant scripts older than 2001 missing (particularly the rarer ones and unreleased dances).

When our library closes at the end of this year, there will be many scripts that will no longer be available in an accurate form and at an affordable price. Many scripts will not be available at all. A sad affair indeed.