Welcome to our Sequence Dance Script Library: The Library currently contains around 2000 scripts, covering the very best and most popular dances, and is an invaluable resource for the keen sequence dancer. We are now the world’s largest on-line archive of sequence dance scripts and offer the best value for money available in purchasing scripts (works out at less than 1 pence per script). The site has been designed to be streamlined and easy to navigate, with easy access to the scripts – we hope you like it. We think it is a superb resource both for those new to Sequence Dancing and to those already involved in some form of Sequence Dancing and looking to broaden their repertoire.

The Script Library: Scripts are currently available for all official UK prizewinning dances from 1980 to 2007, most of the prizewinners from the seventies and most of the significant dances from before that, plus a selection of non-prizewinners and unofficial dances, some never previously released. The Library covers most of the popular sequence dances enjoyed by social dancers across the world, including some very old dances, plus most dances of interest to our current medalists and competitors. The Library encompasses both Classical Sequence (or Old Time) and Modern & Latin Sequence. The best sequence dances are, in our view, those originating in the late sixties, seventies, and eighties, and we now have a very comprehensive archive from these “golden years”, plus a bit more. If you are looking for a particular dance, there is a search facility on the right of this Page. To help you identify the best dances, some commentaries are included (plus there are some more here), plus the lists include my own personal rating – a star system is used.

The Scripts: Scripts can be viewed on-line and can also be downloaded as pdf files, saved to disc, viewed off-line and printed etc. Our scripts are based on the original ones written by the arrangers, and according to standard scripting conventions as adopted by the major UK teaching associations. Some of our scripts are available free to view via our Samples Page. An information sheet offering general guidance on reading scripts is available here. For a list of abbreviations used in the scripts, click here. To go direct to the Script Library Pages, click here.

Access to Scripts: To find out how to access the scripts, click here.

We are continually adding to the Library. We will continue to add archive UK dances, including both recognised prizewinners and non-prizewinners and unofficial dances, as listed on the Future Page and the Latest Page. Plus I have scripts available for hundreds of other unreleased dances (mainly non-winning inventive entries) and I plan to add more of these. I have in the past added some of my own arrangements (MORNINGTOWN BLUES is a recent example).

Requests will be considered and honoured where possible (we have most scripts from the last 70 years, but please note we will not publish recent dances post 2008). Having said that, virtually everything of any significance for sequence dancers is there already in the Library.

Monthly Dance Feature: We have in the past released free-to-view scripts for a selection of our personal favourites on a roughly monthly basis (although from now we plan only to do this occasionally). Demonstration videos are also available for many of the previous featured dances. For details, click here. For those interested in the videos, click here. We hope videos will become available for some of the featured dances in the future.

Related Sites: We have a Facebook Page running in parallel with this site, useful for news and topical discussion, and a YouTube Channel. I’ve now closed down the old WordPress Blog as it seemed redundant.

We hope you find these resources useful, and that they will help ensure Sequence Dancing has a healthy future.

Technical Note: On some intermediate versions of Internet Explorer (IE 10 & 11) some of the graphics are slightly compromised in normal view, less so in compatibility view. The solution is to use an alternative browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (Firefox is my personal preference of these two) – both freely available to download on the web, and pre-installed on many PC’s. The new Microsoft Edge Browser that comes with Windows 10 seems to work very well (the fastest and most user-friendly of all browsers in my opinion, as does IE 12 and later (but I just hate those browsers). We seem to be mobile friendly in so far as I’ve tested it (I’ve tested it on Android browsers though not on Apple ones – there are occasional glitches, but again you can always get a free download of the mobile versions of Firefox – there are different versions for different mobile devices, and these will always work).

For the latest information regarding updates to the site, plans for the site etc., visit our News Page.

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